Years ago, my mother had a conversation with me about how she didn't have a superhero growing up that looked like her. Not that she couldn't identify with characters of good character on screen, but heroic characters that looked like her couldn't be found. Thus in that conversation, AfroWoman™ was born.


For years since that conversation, the nuances of AfroWoman™ simmered in the back of my mind and with some unfortunate, yet clarifying circumstances of 2017 (Thank God!) it was time to bring her to life.


AfroWoman™ is an appreciation letter from a son and brother in a community where women have faithfully persevered, sacrificed, and run their race. And these Proverbs 31 heroes don’t remain unseen. The story of the AfroWoman™ is still unfolding and has really already been told by so many women that I thought of as I develop this character.


I’m excited for this character to resonate with and encourage women and girls from all walks of life.


At the very least, I hope they like the shirt.

An All-Natural Origin